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ZenContent was acquired by IZEA in August of 2016

For the last decade, the founders of ZenContent™ oversaw an agency that produced millions of words for big brands across the Web. As we grew our well-equipped community, we built a foundation for creating quality content through a distributed workforce, some simple automation, and a few handy complex algorithms (don’t worry, we handle those). Everything felt Zen.

How'd we do it? Our team designed an efficient application that scores the content produced by our expert creators. While generating thousands of original pieces for our clients, we tested and perfected this process from start to finish. Along the way, we found that adapting our process to businesses of all sizes was a breeze, and we knew we had to share it with the world.

We’re opening up our application to individuals, SMBs, and large brands who want to access this tried-and-true method without worrying about the details. ZenContent™ is here to help make any company shine through quality content. Keep an eye on our blog and social media pages for news about exciting developments, and to watch us sprout fresh new features.

Our team

Meet the Zenmasters

Brianna DeMike Operations

Brianna is at the forefront ZenContent's executive team, overseeing vital operations that include marketing, product development, workforce management, and engineering.

Justin Dart Business Development & Partnerships

Justin's work with ZenContent is fundamental to sales team growth, productivity improvement, and channel development. He is passionate about helping others reach their fullest potential to uphold client success.

Kimberly Bubeck Account & Project Management

Leading ZenContent's account and project management teams, Kimberly combines innovative methods that emphasize her passion for process control and meeting deadlines.

John Cutter Enterprise Solutions

John oversees ZenContent's enterprise experience and marketing. As an expert in the online journey, John offers customers and our company insight into developing a successful online experience.

Becky Curran Enterprise Account Management

Directing ZenContent's workforce management team, Becky oversees the fulfillment of client projects from start to finish. Her passion for people and drive for success fuels her enthusiasm for leading large teams.

Jose Perez Engineering

Jose leads the ZenContent team responsible for building crucial tools and platforms that support engineering operations, including our proprietary quality scoring and pairing software.

Kayci Webster Community Management

Kayci’s experience with leading teams and ensuring quality is evident in her passion as a Project Manager. She is dedicated to the success of ZenContent’s clients and creators, overseeing large projects and nurturing community engagement.

Meaghan McBee Content Marketing Manager

As an avid content strategist, Meaghan is a creative thinker tasked with shaping the the ZenContent brand through ingenuity and team collaboration.

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Michelle Watson Editorial Management

As the overseer of the ZenContent voice, Michelle unifies vast knowledge of the management trade with a comprehensive understanding of our clients.

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